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Rethink Your Software Monetization Strategy

Platforming as a structured approach to software development organizes discrete software components into related functions in a layered architecture of common services. This enables development teams to write code once and utilize it multiple times. Platforming introduces best practices from...

Grow and Differentiate your Device

Chances are, you are already enhancing your devices with significant software development. It’s time to monetize that investment using electronic license management, which ensures that your devices are used in a manner consistent with your license terms. In addition, it...

Plugging Revenue Leaks from the ERP Gap

You need to accurately know what software application a customer is entitled to use and access. Many producers believe that their ERP system accurately tracks who owns what. There’s a simple reason why that may not be true. ERP systems...

A Revenue Opportunity for Application Devs

The film industry realized earlier this year, to some degree of horror, that the apps economy is bigger than Hollywood. Globalization: American app studios will see increased competition from international studios building for localized markets at lower per hour rates,...